IBM Watson Media
& the Masters

Using AI to Help Create a Premier Digital Experience

For more than two decades, IBM and Augusta National Golf Club have worked together to bring the Masters Tournament to online audiences worldwide.

As part of the Masters commitment to delivering a premier digital experience, IBM is providing scalable and security-rich solutions such as AI-powered content highlights accompanied by an editorial dashboard and a multi-screen live video feed for the 2019 Tournament.

These solutions are designed to help the Masters:

  • Support onsite productions teams with tools that automate the time-consuming task of creating highlight clips.
  • Save time and effort by leveraging AI to organize and enrich highlight clip metadata to streamline search, discovery and assembly of content packages.
  • Improve patron engagement by offering new and exciting ways to watch Masters content.
  • Enable viewing across devices and bandwidths with transcoding to multiple bitrates and formats. 

With these technologies in place, IBM Watson is building a legacy of AI-powered media solutions across sports and entertainment. Fill out the form on this page to request a discussion about how IBM Watson Media can help you engage viewers in new ways.

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