Don’t stream another sports highlight – until you read this

How you move forward in an increasingly complex video environment will go a long way toward determining whether you’ve got a winning game plan within the fast-moving world of sports and digital video. So before you ingest another feed, transcode another clip or publish a single video highlight, make sure you understand how the rules of the game are changing. You’ll discover them here, in this concise and perceptive report.

The report details how successful sports leagues and organizations are leveraging critical video logistics tools and techniques to expand their markets, grow their fan bases and appeal to newly emergent consumer behaviors. From the need for rapid-fire highlight availability to the importance of dynamic scaling, you’ll get all the insights you need about must-have attributes for any successful sports-video playbook.

Get the full report now for new intelligence about:

  • The dominance of sports content in live OTT video
  • Why comprehensive dashboard visibility is essentialto your game plan
  • Maximizing the visibility and value of highly perishable content

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