Is Your CDN Strategy Ready for the Video Boom?

"Global IP video traffic will be 73% of all IP traffic (both business and consumer) by 2017, up from 60% in 2012." - Cisco

Delivering live video at scale brings with it unique challenges. Do you have a sound strategy in place to handle the coming video boom?

In this white paper, Arpad Kun, Director of Network Operations for Ustream an IBM Company, examines the current state of content delivery networks (CDNs) and the issues facing vendors, content producers, and customers, such as:

Download the report to capture fresh insights around:

  • The limitations of single-source solutions
  • What you must consider in applying an effective multi-CDN strategy
  • Consistent standards to address pervasive problems affecting video delivery

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About the Author

Arpad Kun is Director of Network Operations at Ustream and responsible for Ustream’s Content Delivery, Network and Infrastructure strategy. Arpad is the inventor of SDCDN at Ustream, the Software Defined Content Delivery Network. SDCDN takes legacy CDNs and creates an abstraction layer spanning across multiple providers providing increased performance, redundancy and unparalleled cost optimization. Arpad has extensive experience in leadership, HA systems, IP connectivity, disaster recovery, security audits, risk assessment, cost modeling and contract negotiation.